At Happy Face and Body we believe in clinical strength treatments in a relaxing spa atmosphere.  We believe in making a change to your cells, creating a total healing experience.  We believe in healing the mind, skin, body and spirit.  We achieve this through a technique called Face Mapping.  What goes on internally shows up externally.  We work with you to find your ultimate happiness.

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Uniquely Yours Facial

Every facial is Uniquely Yours because we customize each facial for you.  We let your skin tell us what it needs.  At Happy Face Spa we believe in result driven facials.  To achieve this, a combination of enzymes and acids are used to exfoliate the top layer of dead and damaged skin.  At this point we often hear our clients say, “My skin feels so alive,  I love that slight tingle.  Feels like something is working”.  Just as the tingling awakens your senses, you begin to melt again as the steam flows over your face. Then we continue to stimulate your senses while we use our custom blend of essential oil infused oil to gently glide over your hands and arms with hot stones.  Once we remove the enzyme mask we begin to extract any blemishes.  this is often when clients say,  “wow, I feel like my skin is breathing.  It’s so clean and soft.”  This is our cue to begin healing and hydrating the face.  Not only will we put you into a complete state of utter relaxation with a shoulder and neck massge, but we also plump, firm and hydrate the skin with our nutrient serums and skin face firming masks.  When your Uniquely Yours Facial is complete you will quickly see why we call ourselves Happy Face Spa!

80 minutes $144

Teen Facial

Teenage skin can be challenging.  As their bodies change so does their skin –  it can feel like a constant battle. Luckily for all the teens and parents out there,  the staff at Happy Face Spa has trained for this battle.

Consistency is key when treating teenage acne, which is why we have created a special facial just for them.  It’s 60 minutes long and we will work as quickly as we can to achieve as much as we can.  We typically spend more time doing extractions than relaxing the teen, which (in the long run) is the most beneficial for their skin.  During this time we also teach the teens how to care for their skin.

We do try to suggest teens come in every 3-4 weeks to really get control of the current break outs, then work on reversing scarring.  Once our teenage client’s skin finds balance we begin to space the facials out.  We personally take to heart the woes of teenage acne.  We don’t want to see our teens suffer so we focus on building their self confidence while helping them combat teenage skin.

60 minutes   $79

Intuitive Reiki Facial

Does your energy feel staticky?  Ever feel disconnected from feeling whole or like yourself?  Does your mind spin and spin no matter how tired or stressed you are?  If so, sounds like you could use some Reiki.  Let us not only customize your facial to achieve your skin goal needs, but also let us channel and heal your inner being. We use the energy of universal love to treat the cells and aura of your body, restoring you back to a healthy state. This facial does include exfoliation, extractions, finishing nutrient treatment and most importantly, reiki.

80 minutes   $189

Gold Goddess Facial

You are a Goddess! This Goddess treatment is custom made for you. In the beginning of time only the purest of hearts could touch gold. During this very special one-of-a kind 2 hour treatment your skin will be covered in pure 24k gold. To prepare your heart for that vibrational energy I will cleanse your chakras through intuitive healing. Then ground your soul through Reiki. Together we will journey through that special sacred place where subconscious questions are answered. Where intuitive healing is achieved. Where you learn you are a Goddess and leave feeling like one!

During this luxurious 120 minute treatment your skin will be exfoliated with the highest of vibrational masks, you’ll experience pure gold, microdermabrasion and the ultimate gold firming mask. This truly is healing from the inside out. This treatment is so cool and such an honor to give!! I am so excited for you to experience it!

120 minutes   $245

Micro-current Facial

Micro-Current is exercising the muscles of the face to gain lift.  It is a radio frequency that travels underneath the skin to stimulate muscle regeneration. Think of it as cross-fit and yoga for your face. You will experience instant lift!  Every time you exercise a muscle it tears, then it uses collagen fibers to bind itself back together. This process continues for the next 24 hours. Your skin will continue to plump and firm as you sleep.

Our microcurrent also includes LED light therapy and lymph vibration.  We customize the color of the light to enhance healing and product penetration.  This creates an extremely hydrating effect, while the vibration pushes toxins out of the wrinkles.  This process allows the wrinkles to soften.

Micro-current facial is the full Uniquely Yours Facial and ending with the Micro-current.  By ending with the micro-current we can go even more aggressive with the exfoliation because the micro-current instantly begins to heal the cells.  This facial is one of our most popular facials.

80 minutes   $169 full facial

30 minutes   $69 (micro-current treatment only)

Micro-Dermabrasion Facial

Micro-Dermabrasion is a manual technique used to exfoliate the skin.  This technique softens fine lines, evens out skin tone and reverses scarring. This will reveal the softest your skin you’ve ever had!  During this facial you will experience an enzyme and nutrient mask during the micro-current treatment to create instant healing.  In the Colorado climate this is very important. *(Explain why this is important in the Colorado Climate)  While we are working hard at creating incredible results with your skin, you will also experience a state of total relaxation with our hot stone hand and arm massage.

At Happy Face we chose to use a diamond tip micro-dermabrasion because it allows us to get closer to the eyes, ears and nose without damaging the skin.  We can change the type of micro-derm tip used and suction power.  This is how we can customize your treatment for you.

This is the best facial if you’re trying to reverse scarring or hyperpigmentation (freckling) we suggest doing a full micro-dermabrasion facial then 3-4 weeks later follow up with just a micro-dermabrasion treatment.

90 minutes   $184   full facial

45 minutes   $73 (micro-dermabrasion treatment only)

LED light therapy

LED or Low-Level Light Therapy was originally researched and developed by NASA.  LED is the application of light energy to the body and face to obtain therapeutic benefits.  Wavelengths of light energy are absorbed by photoacceptors into mitochondria of the compromised cells to restore the cell.  This process increases your ATP, the energy and fuel of a cell.  By increasing the ATP we have healed your cells to act like they are 20 again, thus creating major benefits to the skin and body. LED treatments can help with:

    • wound healing for acne
    • soften wrinkles
    • arthritic pain
    • muscle & joint pain
    • muscle tissue tension
    • decreasing inflammation
    • increasing micro-circulation

Happy Face Spa chose this specific unit and treatment because Corey became very concerned with her under eye wrinkles.  This skin around the eyes is so delicate it can be difficult to treat.  After one treatment with this LED mask her eye tissue was physically tighter!  She also noticed all the fine lines around her mouth were gone. If your skin care goal is to reverse the appearance of aging, LED therapy is the best age reversing treatment without down time. The more you experience LED the bigger and longer lasting the results will be. This treatment can be done every 48 hours.  LED facial begins with an aggressive exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, then we restore and reverse the cellular damage with the LED.

90 minutes   $157  LED facial

45 minutes   $45  LED mask

Hydra-Dermabrasion Facial

Hydra-Dermabrasion Facial allows us to dermabrasion a larger variety of skin types with less down time.  This advanced technique exfoliates the skin with a customized acid blend then we micro-dermabrasion on top to the hydrated exfoliant blend.  This allows us to lift blackheads while reversing aging, scaring and pigmentation.  This treatment is followed by cryo-lift.  With cryo-lift we “freeze” the toxins out of the skin while stimulating the lymphatic system.  This super cool treatment results in youthful lift and redness reduction.

90 minutes $184 facial


DermaPlaning is a safe and effective way to exfoliate the skin and remove unwanted hairs.  That’s right all your peach fuzz will be gone!  We will begin the facial by preparing the skin with a deep cleanse, then your Esthetician will begin to glide in an upward motion with a DermaPlaning blade.  This will remove dead skin and facial hair revealing smooth, youthful, beautiful skin.

 If you enjoy wearing makeup then this is the facial you need.  It is a game changer!  This facial is also great for post menopause facial fuzz.

After the Dermaplaning the facial will continue with an exfoliant.  We will choose an enzyme that will get you closer to your skin goal; brightening, scarring, redness, whatever your goal is.  Then we will finish the treatment by massaging in a hydrating, nutrient based mask.  This will begin the healing. For the best results we suggest adding on micro-current.  Combining dermaplaning with microcurrent is everything you’re looking for!  This combination creates more plumping, more hydration, and much firmer skin.

80 minute   $174 full facial

45 minute   $75 (dermaplaning treatment only)


Micro-Needling is micro wounding the skin to stimulate collagen and fibrolastin production.  It also allows for deep product penetration for the next 48 hours, which gives you the opportunity to really go after the areas of your skin you’d like to change.  For example, skin lightening and skin firming products should be applied often to create a bigger change.  We end every micro-needling facial with micro-current creating instant healing and dramatic lift.  This also reduces redness from your skin.  The next day you will be glowing!

80 minutes $194

Cryo-lift Facial

Welcome your skin to a new experience of lifting, detoxifying and inflammation reduction. This super COOL 90 minute treatment starts with a skin analysis, deep scrub to open up the pores, goal targeted exfoliant, extractions and then finished with Cryo-lift. When we use our Cryo-lift wand we will be infusing firming peptides, healing serums and hydrating nutrients. Strongly suggested for Rocesea, acneic skin and sagging skin.  This will help reduce inflammation, and dehydration and sagging skin.

80 minutes $174

45 minute $65 (cryo-lift treatment only)

SWICH Facial

SWICH… Stimulating While Initiating Cell Health.  This is a cutting edge treatment done to reverse aging and hyper-pigmentation.  This has chemical peel results without all the down time.  It is best done in a series of 3 to see optimal results.  This treatment is great for reversing the fine lines around the mouth.

90 minutes $133

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels have been around since the early ages.  They have been used to reverse all types of damage on the skin.  Here at Happy Face Spa our chemical peel artists will customize a peel to achieve your goal.  It is required to have a few facials before receiving a peel.  This will ensure more effective results.

60 minutes $210

each additional layer $25

Pregnancy Facial

Pregnancy is one of life’s greatest adventures.  To create life within is a gift.  We believe that the natural glow you experience in this incredible phase of life is actually just the pregnancy joy beaming through your skin.  It’s our goal to maximize that glow!  Come in, let us relax your mind, body and soon to be baby with a facial experience you are looking for.  We only use pregnancy safe products.

85 minutes $144

60 minutes of heaven

Happy Hydration Facial focuses on plumping the skin with nutrients, moisture and happiness!  This is a Colorado must.  With such dry climate it can be a struggle to maintain hydrating skin.  Many clients book this in between their facials.  This is also great for BRIDES, family pictures or any occasion.


Awwee Massage Facial!  We hear all the time,  “I wish I could just come in and have you massage my face”  Now you can!  We will start on your decolletage and end at your scalp.  We will begin this facial with a deep cleanse then massage our custom blend of fantastic healing oils and nutrient masks in your skin.  After the steam towel you’ll start asking when you can reschedule your next Awwee massage facial!

45 minutes $65

Extract it all facial is every Esthetician’s dream.  Please, just let us pick at your blackheads, zits and plugs for you!  We will send you home with a nutrient or clay mask on your face to help it heal.  You will have to rinse it off at home.  Our goal in this 45 minute time frame is to focus on just extracting.  This is an excellent way to help keep acne under control.


Targeted for Results!

Micro-dermabrasion treatment    45 minutes $73

Cryo-Lift treatment   30 minutes $65

Micro-current treatment   30 minutes $69

DermaPlanning treatment   $75

Lash Lift



Get gorgeous eyes by lifting your lashes.  Most people’s eye lashes grow straight out, making it difficult to see them.  Once we curl them up they appear to be longer, fuller and more flattering for your eyes.  Lash Lift is a special treatment that will nicely keep your lashes curled for months.  Lash lift is a very easy way to always look like you’re ready to go, when you haven’t touched your make-up.  Ditch the lash curler and stop the expensive lash extensions, get a Lash Lift!

We highly recommend pairing your lash lift with lash tinting.  The tint helps your lashes look wet and darker. 

Lash Lift 30 mins   $65

Lash tint 15 mins   $30


Eye Brow Shaping…..$25

Eye Brow Tint…..$18

Lip Wax…..$10

Chin Wax…..$10

Face Wax (everything except brows)…..$35

Arm Pit Wax…..$20

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Home care is key to lasting facials. We like to educate on how to use your products, which products will get you to your goal, then focus on which products will keep you there. We mostly work with Colorado based companies to help with the harsh Colorado climate. Nobody knows better than local on how to combat our climate.
Guy's Tune-up is our version of a man's facial. Every hot rod, speedster, Hemi and classic needs a tune-up regularly. So does a man's face.
"The only way to truly heal a cell is with oxygen. Remember, all we are are cells. We have a tendency to think of our bodies as organs, fingers, eyes, brain, but actually we are cells that create those body parts. "The only way to receive cleansing oxygen into our cells is through deep relaxation. That is why at Happy Face Spa we focus on the deep relaxation as much as the science of skin care."- Corey