Master Esthetician ~ Healer ~ Owner

Hi my name is Corey Burton.

I have been passionately working with skin care and healing since 2007.  Before this I was in women’s fashion.  As I climbed up the corporate ladder of retail I discovered I was going home feeling empty inside.  As I sat with this emotion I realized it is because I was no longer helping customers dress for who they are on the inside vs. who they feel they should portray on the outside.  That is when I realized I needed to do more.  This began my journey to becoming a Master Esthetician and Healer.

From the moment we understand what a reflection is, we judge ourselves.  We allow our reflection to dictate our self worth, confidence, drive, and even self love.

My purpose in life is to help people fall in love with who they are from the inside out.  I want people to love the reflection they see in the mirror, and  I achieve this through facial treatments.  For over a decade I have been studying how the food we eat, how we think, and how our feelings and physical experiences affect our skin, mind, and spirit.  I have an extensive amount of clinical training in skin care. While I put your mind into a total state of meditation, major changes in your skin are being made.  I love to aggressively reverse blemishes and lovingly heal the skin.  This winning combination really creates the best facial.

Together we will achieve you loving everything about yourself. This takes time and by no means can we figure it all out today, but you’d be surprised how much we achieve with each session.

Because there are millions of people to heal, I have worked hard at putting together a team with the same like minded goal… to heal the world one cell and one pore at a time.  All of us at Happy Face and Body are excited to meet you.  We invite you to schedule a first time facial and let the healing begin.

Lead Esthetican

Holly Cannon

I have personally seen how someone’s self-esteem can be shattered by having “bad skin”.  I passionately want to help transform these insecurities into confidence so they can see the same beauty in themselves that I see in them.

Being an esthetician is one of my biggest gratifications, because I love helping my clients fall in love with their skin all over again, and for some clients for the very first time. I focus on healing the topical blemishes of the face.  As I transform your skin, it naturally transforms your being.

Holly joined Happy Face Spa in 2015. She really enjoys keeping up the latest trends of topical exfoliation.  She is results driven, but still focuses on putting you into a state of total relaxation.

A peek inside Happy Face Spa

At Happy Face Spa we tried to create a quiet oasis, a place where our clients feel like they’ve taken a little escape from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives. 

Each treatment room has a unique feel.  We tried to reflect each Esthetician’s inner peace in the decor. 

Corey is a healer of inner peace.  She focuses on the inhale of love and the exhale of what no longer serves you.  She uses the magic of Chakra’s and Reiki energy to help you safely rejuvenate in her Indian oasis .  You’ll see this love reflected in her work and her room.  Each element and color of her treatment room creates a sense of journey, comfort, inspiration and relaxation for clients.

Holly’s inner peace is in her gardens.  She has a very fairy-like outlook on life.  She shifts with seasons, nurtures and is painted with color just like a garden.  Her treatment room brings a playfulness to healing.  Clients feel like they are being grounded with Mother Nature’s love while her fairy magic works wonders on your skin and soul. 

The restroom

Meet Leslie Herbel, owner of Herbel Healing.

Herbel Healing joined Happy Face Spa in 2013.  Our two businesses share the same suite, but are separate businesses.  These two successful businesses complement each other so well because of their style of healing.  Leslie Herbel, owner of Herbel healing, is a talented healer who changes lives with each session.  Together Happy Face Spa and Herbel Healing is healing the world one treatment at a time.

visit  to learn more about Leslie Herbel with Herbel Healing.