Energy Healing


Mental and Emotional Balance


Mental Emotional Balancing is a technique done through Reiki to ease the mind chatter, calm the stress and allow you to be your greatest self . This energy healing can also reverse patterns into positive movements. If you have an affirmation you’d like to charge into your life, please bring it.

30 minutes   $45


Reiki is healing the body, mind and soul through Universal Life Energy. This energy session brings healing and balances to you. As you lay peacefully your Energy Worker moves the reiki energy through you. Sometimes you’ll notice a gentle touch, but usually you’re so relaxed in the healing you only notice the feeling of love and balance that is bringing brought to you.

30 minutes   $45

60 minutes    $75

Chakra Balancing

Chakra’s are the places in our bodies where our spirits, emotions, and physical bodies meet. There are 7 chakras in our bodies. In this treatment your practitioner will bring balance, opening, and presence into each of the chakras.  You will be charged and motivated.

45 minutes   $45